Below are the lessons and notes from the training sessions we conduct each week:

Welcome to Scholar's Cup 2010/11
This is the beginning of an amazing journey and I would like to begin
by sharing 3 things, each accompanied by a video.

1. Push, to bring out your best
Just like the guy in the film excerpt, if he didn't push himself, he wouldn't
have known how far he could go. I am in a way like that coach, pushing
you along the way as I know you can give more. Don't set limits for your

2. Find you niche
There would be writing, debating, memorizing, researching and a whole
buch of other things you will get to do by joining the Scholar's Cup. Some
even sang on stage in front of 600 people! This is an opportunity for you
to find out what you're good at.

3. Who am I?
That's our call and motto! Who am I, "I am a Champion". Don't let anyone
tell you what you can't do. Give it a go, try. Believe in your self. Yes, you
need to put in the hard work and persevere, but you can must reach for the
sky.Don't settle for less. I expect everyone to give their level best. Nothing
but your best.

4. Finish strong
What can we say after seeing this clip. What excuse can we give? It's not
about winning or losing at the end. It's about getting up when you fall. It's
about going all the way, finishing strong. For those of us who are new, do
chat with the ones wheo joined last school year and ask them how has it
changed them? Once you commit, I expect you to go all the way...

Today we will begin doing impromptu speech that will last for the next few
weeks. The goal is to get you feeling comfortable speaking in front of people.
Don't worry about how you say it, just say it. We will work on the improvement
in the weeks to come. Here are some tips!

Come up with a quick outline: Beginning, 3 Main Points, Strong Ending

Maintain eye contact with the audience

Be sincere...
Russel Crowe Academy Award SpeechShort and Powerful! Another short speech given by him to the late Steve Irwin. Russell Crowe's Eulogy for Steve Irwin

Good morning everybody. Firstly, to Terri and all of Steve's family, from my family to yours, our deepest sympathies and condolences.
I think this memorial should be a joyful one, and not mournful one. We, after all, have to keep in mind who we are here to celebrate, and what he would have preferred. I hope somebody will speak today of the specifics of whatSteve achieved as a conservationist, but all I can do today is talk directly to my friend, my mate, Steven.

Your passing has suspended reality for all of us. It was way too soon, and completely unfair on all accounts.
I know as humble as you always were, thatyou would still be pleased to know that the world sends its love and that people all over this planet have been grieving. We've all lost a friend, we've lost a champion,and we're gonna take some time adjust to that.

I'm in New York, mate - the big city - and you have been headline news on CNN for a week.
There are not many Zoo keepers who would command that attention, mate.And all that means is that you got your message across. You got the word out there. And you were heard. And you will be remembered.

Russell Crowe